Thursday, April 23, 2009

Everybody Knows

News Links:

GOP Demands Removal of the Zany Napolitano

Billionaire Soros Bankrolls Call for Torture Probe

Obamacare sure Path to Bankrupt America?

Cover up of Government Banker's Death Begins

Obama Advisor Sleeps through Credit-Crisis Meeting

Jihad Training Camps Scattered Across America

Woman Who Pleaded to Obama Still Jobless

Remote Murtha Airport Lands Big Stimulus Bucks

Latest propoganda headline (USA Today)
Poll:Public Thinks Highly of Obama

and my favorite response:

SuperUnderCat (10 friends, send message) wrote: 2h 29m ago
When my grandad was bringin' the slop, them pigs thought he was a prince too. Heck, they even lined up to be the first in line for the special shiny thing he was bringin' to give them. After he gave them the gift, right across the jugular, and the bleedin' and squeelin' ended, they were well on their way to being bacon and porkchops. Good luck with that love affair with BHO! He has almost the same plans for you that old grandad had for them hogs.

Before you start up with the cries of right-wing fringe and extremist, I am not a republican. Democrats and republicans, since Teddy Roosevelt and Woodie Wilson have been screwing this country with reckless abandon. I'm against all of them. Progressivism is not a new thing. When Hillery stated that she was a "Progressive", I almost choked. She said it like it was a badge of honor! Progressives like FDR and his cousin, TR, are the reason the country has been hogtied and prevented from achiving the greatness it could have. Just like FDR, BHO is micromanaging us into a financial ditch, and we, the people will pay the price, not their rich hides. If this current debacle had just been ignored, it would have gone away in a few months. It would have been tough going for a while but those are the risks you take in living here. On the other hand, if Freddie and Fannie had not been pushed by Clintonites to dole out loans to poor credit risks on houses that those individuals could not afford, you and I would not be subsidizing their future payments with tax dollars. The only presidents that had it right were JFK and Reagan, and both concidered conservative by anyone's standards today, but digging them up and putting them back in the White House would, well, just be stinky.. Both Roosevelts, Wilson, Taft, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Both Bushes, Clinton and our current savior, Obama, are and were progressives. Electing people like this will serve only one purpose; one world government. The real concern that I have is the real and perceivable fascist slant that the last three presidents have exhibited.The words Progressive, and liberal and conservative, used to be good terms, and were thought of as being good aspects of anyones personality. Now, they are just bywords for hate. I may have progressive thoughts (or not) and liberal ideas from time to time, and conservative ideals regarding my finacial responsibilities, but to label me with any word is not how I want to be remembered. Politicians however, revel in such ideology. That is why we should never ever trust any politician. If someone wants to call me something, let them say that I am a constitutionalist. I can live with that.

What scares me the most about Obama is what Rohm Emanuel said just after Obama was elected,and I paraphrase;

Let's not waste any opportunities to get the policies enacted that we want by not taking advantage of this economic situation.

These guys see themselves as the pig farmers and of us, and we are the pigs. What usually happens to pigs?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Can You Trust?

Click here for more tea party photos..........

Media "Dickheads" ignore Tea Party's huge turnout.

This is a good day to check the media outlets, see where the bias is hiding:

Major newspapers, such as the New York Times, today, ignored the huge turnout of grassroots American protesters. Other pro-liberal outlets ridiculed or twisted the story.

Who can you trust? Check your newspaper or news source now:

NYT -you suck.

USA Today-biased

Washington Times-Blow Me

Washington Post-Eat Me

Atlanta Journal Constitution-Fair and unbiased reporting. I'm surprised!

Austin American Statesman-Fair and unbiased, excellent! I may make this my daily read.

CNN reporter Susan Roesgen showed obvious contempt for the Tea Party-ers.

Here is a short link-list of unbiased news sources: newsbusters foxnews

No time left today...........................

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blueprint to Restore America

  • Abolish the Fed & Restore the Gold Standard
  • Stop Polarization of America (Republican vs. Democrat)
  • Replace the IRS with a Constitutional Tax System
  • Restore American Financial Responsibility
  • Make computerized voting Illegal in all 50 states
  • Keep the internet free and out of Corporate/Government Control
  • Limit Federal Spending: A Road map for Constitutional Recovery, A Nation Reborn
  • Introduce Legislation to Stop a National ID
  • Make it illegal to implant RFID chips in human beings
  • Educate Jurors to the Rule of Law that they Must Follow
  • Stop Globalization
  • End the Domestic Police State
  • The Original American Foreign Policy
  • Returning Accountability to Public Servants
  • Abolish the Dept of Education & Restore Excellence to the School System,
  • Recind all Executive Orders that are Unconstitutional, THE CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA, SLAVERY, & CONTEMPORARY "GUN CONTROL, What if They are ALL Corrupt?

American Screwjob

News Links:

Obama Eyes New "Immigration Plan" other words, law-abiding citizens of the U.S. are about to get bent over the desk again by the current administration. Welcome to America, newly legal citizens. Prepare to start getting screwed like the rest of us legal Americans!

Despite "Green" Hype, Chrysler to Introduce New 2011 Jeep Cherokee

Legalized Illegals May Get Rebate Checks

Gay Marriage Maniacs Set Sights on D.C.

Lou Dobbs Nails ACORN in Lie

More proof that evil people will outlive everybody......
Castro Asks How Can We Help Obama?

Iran Using Chinese Firms to Buy Nuclear Tech

"Obama Nuclear Disarm Talk is a Fantasy"

Kansas to Vote on Gun Ownership Amendment

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Fall of Rome Continues......

Current Disasters in the Making:

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Breaking News:
NY mass shooting situation at immigration center..........Geraldo Rivera rushed to the scene - then was apparently disappointed to find the perpetrator(s) to be of Asian descent, spoiling his probable "racist white guy" diatribe. He then mysteriously disappeared from the scene.

More evidence that working hard and paying your bills does not count for much:
Lenders Slash Credit for Responsible Borrowers

States that legalize gay marriage open the doors for polygamy. Article
New England Setting up to be Gay Marriage Haven

Gay Marriage Proponents Relentless

Rocket Fuel Found in Baby Formula

The Media Sucks

More reasons to just shoot first:
Judge says Afghani Detainees can Use U.S. Courts

Conficker "Worm" Turns Out to be a Big Fat Joke

Nation's Unemployment Rate Hits 8.5%

Senate Follows House, Approves Obama's 3.5 tril Budget

Re-living the early 80's:
College Grads Face Worst Job Market in Years

New Gold Rush Hits California