Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trip Home

I ventured "home" to Pennsylvania for the third time in a year recently to take part in spreading my Mother's ashes on the "estate" - farm property they have inhabited since the early 1980's. I've always considered it home, although I only got to live there for a five year stretch after it was first built. My Dad left home in the Upper Midwest with $50.00 in his pocket in the mid-1960's and eventually bought this place after two decades in the insurance business. Either he was pretty good at it, it was a great era for business, or both. I tried to move back to the area two or three times through the years, but my parents never were very supportive of such a move and it always ended in frustration. This particular visit, my Dad was in such a bad mood and was so nasty, that I don't think it bodes well for future visits, if I ever get invited again. So much for fantasies of getting some land in my old age. I think it may finally be the end of the line for my little country vacations. Still I've always been fond of the farm, which my Dad intends to sell soon. Here are some pictures of a country place with great privacy:

My favorite kind of neighbors....none!

"back forty"

Lower Entrance

View from guest-room window

Mom's kitchen for almost three decades

Guest-room balcony facing the pool

View of the pool from the guest room balcony