Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Orlando Thanksgiving Pix

Thanksgiving in Orlando this year. Actually I thought this might be cancelled due to my Mom's untimely passing, but the show went on.......

Our Street

Tennis Camp

Thanksgiving Dinner

Mom's empty chair...

Super Target!

Captain Morgan-Boy

Hi Marilyn!

The Kissimmee Carnival

Giant Swingset Ride

The Roadhouse Truck

Kissimmee Carnival Lake

Swingset Ride, 300 ft drop

Panning for Gold

Classic Cars

Beauty Heads

Evil Wizard Gift Shop

A Little Head

Young Love....

Mannequin Babe

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Lucky Kids

The line to get in line.

Slut's up doc?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Crazy Kids!

Kids liked Jack Sparrow-Lookalike


Tropical Boat-Ride


Space Mountain Ride

Logan Planking in line at Space Mountain

Round and Round....



Walt Disney Himself

Me, "Planking" on a Disney Trash-Can


Magic Kingdom

City Hall

The End-Good Night