Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day

America Hypnotized by Sports While Lib Weasels Destroy U.S.
Dead Suit Walking :
 "As if middle age isn’t bad enough. The moribund metabolism. The purple pill that keeps your food down. The blue pill that keeps another part of your anatomy up. Now you can’t get an effing job? Stuck in your own personal Detroit of the soul, with the grinding stress of enforced idleness. The wife who doesn’t look at you quite the same way. The poignantly forgiving sons. The stain on your masculinity for becoming the bread-loser. The night sweats and dark refuge of Internet porn. The gnawing fear that this may be the beginning of a slow, shaming crawl to early Social Security....."
Response to Dead Suit Walking:
Note how the same people who promoted feminism and female-empowerment are the first to resort to traditional gender norms when they can be used to emasculate men. What do these “career girls” do immediately after breaking through the glass ceiling on the rocket of social engineering programs and double-standards? Well, they look down and sneer at the disempowered men, of course.
"Alien Cow Abductions" in '70's Sent White House into Panic
U.S. Credit Outlook Downgraded to "Negative" 
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The New Beatle 
America's Top Liars 
Zero Utility Homes
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gold Prices

Gold Prices to Hit Another Record
% of Americans Working Lowest Since '83
Scenes From the Mall 1989, the Good Ol' Days
Millions of Americans Run Out of Unemployment Benefits 
Bargain Priced, Top-Rated Men's Suit 
Las Vegas' Naked Pool

Listen to Recent Trump Interview: Trump for Prez

Thank you Barack Obama:
  •  Record poverty
  • Record cost of living
  • Record Food Stamps
  • Record long-term unemployment
  • Record foreclosures
  • Record deficits
  • Record long war
  • Record Welfare
  • Record National debt
  • Record divisiveness

And here comes stagflation.(Source: USA Today April 14, '011)