Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wasted Time?

Time-consuming hobbies, endeavors and diversions that, surprisingly, led nowhere.......

Photography: Since 1978, I have indulged in photography, taking thousands of pictures of wildlife, travel shots, landscapes, party shots and portraits, and it never paid a dime. I even pushed wedding photography for a couple of years, buying a state of the art SLR camera, expensive lenses, a website and all, but never elicited any interest from a clientele. I think this is a business where location is crucial, and I've always been stuck out in some poverty-stricken backwater, where everyone is related, excluding Your's Truly and perfectly happy with pictures taken by drunk Uncle Ned with a disposable camera he got for twelve bucks at Walgreens, or more recently, with their own smartphone cameras. Regardless, not a waste because I would do it for free, and I have!

Destin, FL Sunrise

The Internet: Since 2000. Interesting with plenty of information at my fingertips, in fact, information overload, but what a colossal waste of time.

College: Closed down my lucrative lawn business and bike rental business at the beach and went off to college. Graduated. Business degree. Wait a sec, don't you learn business by being in business? Oh that's right, I was doing that already before college and doing fine. Starving ever since. College. An amazing waste of precious time, especially if you don't have a plan.

Sports: Twelve seasons of wrestling up through college. Unless you wanted to be a wrestling coach, complete dead-end. None of those guys ever became millionaires, or even wealthy. I take that back. I do know of one consistent millionaire, but that was after another four years of school for a professional degree. Leave it to the MMA guys to finally show everybody how to make that hard work pay off in dollars and cents for the investment of time and energy.