Saturday, July 26, 2014

Uber Update July 26

Again I had what I thought was a stellar night driving for Uber (Friday night), picking up a steady flow of riders, starting at the airport to pick up a handsome young couple, who brought me straight downtown, where the action was already in full swing around 7 p.m.

The best part of the job is definitely meeting all kinds of people, if only for a few minutes, including a few bachelorette party groups of gorgeous young college-age girls, never to be seen again, which ultimately serves strictly as an extraordinary type of torture for me in my middle age.

Looking at the hard numbers this morning, I was again struck by the disappointingly low net income, which means that the pressure is on to find something else, before my car blows up, from all this driving. Here are the numbers:

Mileage: 155.9 To be fair, I do have to drive 34 miles just to get to Uber territory, near the "big city", so that's 72 miles out the window from the start. If you're going to do this, make sure you live closer to town.

Including my 72 mile handicap, with gas at $3.26 this week, and my car that gets 23.5 mpg/city, that works out to 6.63 gallons to go 155.9 miles, or $21.62 in gas. Without the 72 miles, that would be 155.9-72=83.9 miles if I was already living in town. 83.9/23.5=3.57 gallons of gas, equals $11.63 in gas.

Ten trips at $98.19 in fares, less Uber's 20% equals $78.55 net earnings. Less $21.62 in gas equals $56.93 total net income for 7 hours in the car, which comes out to $8.13/hour, so welcome to minimum wage! It just makes me feel really good about all the time, energy and sacrifice I put into earning those two college degrees of mine. What a joke. I do know who's laughing all the way to the bank here and it begins with a big "U" and probably an "F" in there somewhere too.

To make things more depressing, I heard a rumor that the U is going to start charging drivers $10.00 a month to lease their Uber-phones, whether you drive or not, so deduct another $520/year in expenses.

Despite being quite depressed over these numbers, I managed to up my spirits enough to get back out there Saturday night, normally the best night of the week for Uber earnings, and banged out another 7pm to 2am shift in the city, shuttling young people around from bar to bar and from the bar and back home again. The numbers for Saturday night were as follows:

Mileage: 148.5
Gas: 6.32 Gallons @ 23.5 mpg x $3.34/gallon = $21.10
Trips: 12
Hours: 7
Gross Earnings: $137.49
Uber's Take: 20% x 137.49 = $27.50
My income: $109.99 - gas @ $21.10 = $88.89 = $12.70/hour
Average Income per-mile over the last four day period: $2.28/mile(before expenses)

I managed to up my average hourly net income from min. wage to $12.70/hour and that's the best night of the week. So, theoretically if every day was like Saturday and I drove for 7 hours a day 7 days a week and I put 54,020 miles on the car (148 miles x 365 days a year), the absolute best income I could manage over an entire year is just a hair over $32,000 dollars. So there it is.

More realistically, if I just stick with driving Friday and Saturday nights, most of the year, I can bring in an extra $110 + $57 = an extra $170/week multiplied by about 40 weeks a year comes to an extra $6,800/year in earnings, although you would add some major mileage on your vehicle.

In conclusion: Uber, a great part-time gig on your own schedule, one or two weekend nights a week. Not a full-time job, unless your car is invincible, runs on electricity and never needs maintenance.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CNN Sucks!

Classless CNN's Fredricka Whitfield gets bitch-slapped by 80 year-old Joan Rivers in this priceless interview:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Central Air vs. Wall Unit

My central heating and air unit conked out around April this year, just in time for the stinkin' hot Spring and Summer season in the Middle Tennessee Valley. So I call in my A/C guys from Hiller and they were just power-selling me on getting a new central air unit, sending in three guys at once to grill me at the kitchen table, one salesman and two tech guys it seems. Just a hair over $8,000 they told me. When I balked at the price, they happily told me I could get a loan for this. An $8,000 loan? Oh boy, where do I sign up? These guys must think I'm as dumb as my biceps are big.

Well, I bought my first house to make money, not to end up in the poorhouse, so I told them thanks, but no-thanks and promptly went out to Lowes and picked up the second biggest wall air conditioning unit that Frigidaire makes, for around $430.00. I then installed it into the downstairs window, hidden behind the squat rack.

Frigidaire Model #FFRE15l3Q1  
 Well let me tell you, after a month, I could not be happier with this unit. Blowing gales of cool, dry air, it cools the entire downstairs, around 850 square feet with 9ft high ceilings and even cools the upstairs a little bit, although I have to help things along with a few floor and ceiling fans.

Better yet, utility bills are about 1/4 of what they were, despite it being way hotter and humid outside than back in March, and the unit runs half the day, at least, with the rest of the time on "Eco" setting.....

Huge electric bill, March 2014

June's tiny electric bill, minus that cash cow scam- central air