Tuesday, October 27, 2015

$30,000 Note Pad

I had attended this little college back in the early 1980's and could not get a job in my field upon graduation, or even so much as a job interview. It really is who you know and not what you know when looking for that first opportunity, but I did not know anybody, at least anybody in corporate America. I eventually went to work for my Father's company, but he was not of the philosophy that I should be paid very much, and that position eventually petered out, after my surviving five years or so. Three-plus decades later my first college is sending me little gifts, asking for donations to the school, which I am, unfortunately, unable to provide.

Here is their latest gift, a little note pad. Since I blew about $30,000 on that education, I figure this is a $30,000 note pad. Here it is:

$30,000 Note Pad

Sunday, October 25, 2015

It gets tiring being such a nice guy.......

I was thinking this morning how tiring it's been, being such a "nice guy", accentuated by the fact that many of the not-so-nice guys I know are now wealthy.

I had just arose from a night of near-sleep where my two outdoor dogs, or the ones I am training actually, for their absentee wealthy estate owner and known as relatively not such a nice guy, kept me awake half the night barking at shadows and then proceeded to chew up my new lounge chair, which was not cheap. The site that greeted me this morning was my new lounge chair in pieces scattered across the front porch.

I know, they're young dogs, but I have been training them in basic dog commands, come, sit, stay, etc. and have grown quite fond of them as a pair and I thought they liked me. I mean, how could they not? I'm such a nice guy. Although I train them with firmness, it is with affection. And this is how they thanked me.

It then dawned on me, how all us "nice guys" go through this process on a routine basis that usually goes like this; you meet somebody. You're nice to them and help them out, or let them borrow your stuff and then they start to take advantage and then you're not feeling like such a nice guy any more, but it's too late....

Or the girl "friends" back in my school days who I wanted to date seriously, but was too nice to them at the start and then became a trusted friend and the bang-potential went right out the window. Oh boy, that Kurt, he's such a good guy, they would gush. The sweeter of a guy I was, the less chance I had of getting laid. One day, I was letting them cry on my shoulder over some other luckier guy who was kind of a bad boy and the next day, the luckier, not-so-nice guy is getting a blow-job from my special girl "friend." Oh, she's such a good friend........

So pay attention nice guys. Prepare to pay the price..........
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Proof that Facebook is Worthless for Business

I have been attempting a career change since around November of 2014 after twelve years in the chiropractic profession, when I signed up for Realtourvision.com, a real estate virtual tour company that offers virtual real estate tours of properties for sale.

I also built a website concentrating on niche website design using pre-built templates (digimatrix) that can be easily customized, meaning very affordable and slick websites for small businesses.

I entered 2015 with high hopes for both ventures, making do with occasional manual labor jobs to support the startups.

So I published my websites and made it clear on my Facebook account that this is what I was doing and placed information there as well, with links to the sites. So, after almost a year, I haven't received so much as one business lead from my almost 200 "Friends" list, some of whom are very successful, but I have to admit, I haven't sent any leads to my "Friends" either. In my defense, if I am not doing any business, I really don't have the connections to benefit my network.

I think that the term, "Friends" on Facebook should at least be replaced with something like, "People who are watching you to make sure you get no business."

Anyway, I have begun to avoid the Facebook lately, and I swear, my mood has improved immensely.